Peterborough Yoga Festival ~ Join Us! ~ June 17, 2017 ~ Del Crary Park


Healing Garden ~ Yogi Market ~ Whole-Food ~ Kids' Tent

Dearest Hearts,

is quickly approaching and we are all working feverishly to ensure that special day is everything you need it to be. It is time to take a deep breath in and bring you up to date on all of the 'action'.

We have planned many diverse events to ensure you feel this is a place of belonging and inclusiveness. As a charity event we strive to raise money for United Way's 'Strong Communities', and as Yogis we strive to embrace and celebrate the divine in everyone we is a coming together of all the best we are, our birthright. 

We are happy you will join us. You are an important part of everything we do and we hope you leave knowing how integral you are to this wonderful community.

So without further ado, here is a wee update:

  • All event schedules have been posted. Take a few quiet moments to yourself, without feeling guilty about it, and plan how you will spend your day with us!
  • On May 17th the Online Silent Auction begins! This is a collection of gifts received from our beautiful Vendors and from lovely souls we have met on our path. In order to be truly grateful one must learn to give selflessly. We hope you will join us in celebrating the generosity of these wonderful people by creating bidding wars! This is the only time it is okay for Yogis to 'give it' in the competition department. Let's create a little of that 'naughty' energy that is synonymous with auctions! So exciting! Click here for the link. 
  • The beautiful souls in the Healing Garden have created a Zen atmosphere for you to find a brief respite from the world. A tent full of healers will have the best energy ever!! Be sure and visit to experience any healing that the universe offers up for you on this special day!
  • Kids Zone Coordinators have been stretching their creative minds and as a result, our littlest yogis will have a day of adventure and hopefully 'permasmiles'.  That will make their parents very happy.
  • The Yogic Market is Full! We mean really FULL of amazing Artisans and Gourmet Food Vendors. Very soon they will be congregating to offer you exposure to some of the best shopping and eating available. Save your pennies because we are certain you will find something you've been looking for that will also help remind you of this memorable day. Or maybe, you will even get your holiday and birthday shopping done early. We are really proud of the Vendors that are joining us!
  • We have the most talented teachers and they have perfected their lesson plans. Come and experience all the world of Yoga has to offer: It means a lot more than getting “bendy”! Here is your opportunity to embrace and experience everything. Yes, even getting on a paddleboard and hoping those bandhas are locked enough to keep you from the water!!!
  • The workshop facilitators have come together to create learning experiences that will leave you marveled and enlightened! We have such diverse offerings this year!
  • Instruments are tuned, vocal exercises have been diligently completed....we are looking forward to the beautiful sounds that will emanate from the kirtan tent!! Come join us and maybe even lend your beautiful voice to some of the best kirtan music available!

Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for all the latest. So looking forward to sharing this day of union with you!!
Jai Jai!!
~ Namaste ~


Peterborough Yoga festival is a community-oriented gathering in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada that is founded upon the vision that yoga, meditation, kirtan, wellness, community connection and fresh air can all amplify love and presence in our beings, in our families and communities and around the world.

The annual festival started on the 1st International Yoga Day in 2015 and each year we stay true to our original intention, bringing conscious community together for a heart-opening, joyful celebration, from which ALL proceeds will be donated to our local United Way. We are committed to making this festival inclusive and accessible for all those attending, and we do so by offering support for any individuals with disabilities or limited mobility.

Showcasing 25+ transformational classes and workshops by over 20 diverse teachers as well as offering meditations, kirtan music, kids' tent and classes, a healing garden, delicious whole-foods, a yogi market and more, together we create an atmosphere that revives and rejuvenates, enriches and enlivens and reminds us how to live mindfully and vibrantly.

Join Us at Del Crary Park!

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